Nick Jacob Keller was a human Starfleet officer in the late 23rd century. He was born on Earth, in Thorn Bluff, New Mexico, not far from Santa Fe, and grew up in Nevada.


In 2280, he was second officer aboard the USS Peleliu when it was attacked en route to Belle Terre. To defend the colony from the Kauld, he constructed the USS Challenger from the wrecks of the Peleliu and other vessels. When the Enterprise departed for Federation space, Captain Kirk left Keller in command of the Challenger on picket duty at Belle Terre.

His friend Savannah Ring gave him the nickname "Sheriff," after his southwestern mannerisms and the cowboy boots he habitually wore while on duty.

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  • According to an interview, author Diane Carey based Nick Keller in part on Scott Bakula, who would later play Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise.


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