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Exploring the Enterprise one night during its refit, Decker discovers an odd line of computer instruction which seems designed to reprogramme the ship's memory. Discovering two computer technicians are working late, he instructs Chapel to examine their bioreadings from a distance, which shows they are disguised Romulans.

Decker has the computer reconstruct secret communications between the two spies and their handler, before tricking the pair into sending a report to their handler which he is able to detect, giving full details of the plan to cripple the ship and allow the Romulans to capture it. He then confronts the two agents, one of whom commits suicide, although the other is captured by Chapel. Scotty then informs him that a mysterious cloud is en route to Earth and the Enterprise is to be made spaceworthy to intercept it without delay.



Christine ChapelWillard DeckerDorwinianRobert MalianiMontgomery Scott
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Matt DeckerJames T. KirkLeonard McCoyHeihachiro Nogura

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USS BurundiUSS CongoUSS GitaUSS MorgartenUSS Nesvadba


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