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Nilz Baris was a Human male who served as the Undersecretary for Agriculture in the United Federation of Planets' Planetary Development Corps in the 2260s.

In 2267, Baris was assigned to supervise the transfer of a shipment of quadrotriticale from Deep Space Station K-7 to Sherman's Planet. A man named Arne Darvin was assigned to be his aide, but what Baris did not realize was that the original Darvin had been killed by the Klingon Imperial Intelligence agent Gralmek, who then assumed Darvin's identity.

Gralmek attempted to sabotage the shipment of quadrotriticale, however Gralmek was discovered by Doctor Leonard McCoy, and Baris promised Gralmek that he could arrange that the man never saw another tribble ever again. (TOS episode: "The Trouble with Tribbles"; TOS comic: "Beneath the Skin"; DS9 episode: "Trials and Tribble-ations")

Baris was still alive in the 2370s and had several children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren. Among the latter was Karen Farris, who was killed aboard the USS Valiant in 2374. Baris later went to see Dorian Collins, the only Red Squad survivor, soon after. Baris was a writer of holonovels at this time. (DS9 short story: "Dorian's Diary")

Alternate timelineEdit

In an alternate timeline, where Darvin's sabotage was never discovered and the subsequent disaster at Sherman's Planet cost thousands of lives, Baris assumed leadership of the remnants of the human colonies there. He used his considerable expertise in dealing with Klingons (including Darvin, who revealed his true identity to Baris, whom Darvin had grown to respect) to deal with the situation, and eventually became President of the United Federation of Planets. While he had a long and distinguished presidential career and was fondly remembered by the citizens of the Federation (including Leonard McCoy, a lifelong friend), Baris never got over his long-standing feud with Darvin. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: Honor in the Night)

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