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Nimur was a female Tomol living on the island of Suba on the planet Arethusa in the late 2260s.

In the year 2269, Nimur gave birth to a daughter, Tahna. Soon after, she started to change, but when her time came to undergo the Cleansing ritual, she balked at the last moment and escaped amidst an attack by a Klingon recon team hiding in the brush. She later killed all but one of the recon team, attacked and turned fellow Tomol, including her mate Kerlo, and with her newfound army went on to kill the crew of a Klingon bird-of-prey and attack the crews of two Federation Starfleet starships, the USS Sagittarius and the USS Endeavour, before eventually being cured of her condition. (Seekers novels: Second Nature, Point of Divergence)


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