Nitrilin is an explosive compound used in bombs and similar devices. Nitrilin is only found in the Oorfar star system in the Ferengi Alliance and is expensive to obtain. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

In 2371, Elim Garak detonated a nitrilin device in his tailor shop, making it appear he was the target of an assassination attempt. (DS9 episode: "Improbable Cause")

Nitrilin was one of the components used in the bomb detonated at the Antwerp Conference in 2372. It was also used in a copycat bombing at Starbase 375 a short time later. (TNG - Slings and Arrows eBook: The Oppressor's Wrong)

In 2381, the Breen use advanced technology to change the molecular structure of nitrilin to make that explosive appear to be cabrodine. The modified nitrilin was used by the Typhon Pact to destroy a Janus Mining topaline refinery on Capella IV and also hid their involvement in what seemed like a fairly minor incident. The crew of the USS Aventine investigated the explosion and Gruhn Helkara discovered that the cabrodine was actually altered nitrilin. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

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