Noguchi was a male Human who lived in the 24th century. In the 2370s, Noguchi held the [[rank] of Admiral in Starfleet.

In 2371, Benjamin Sisko contacted Admiral Noguchi after the Hive destroyed Darane IV. After Sisko asked for backup, Noguchi informed him that only the USS Farragut and the USS Pike would be arriving at Deep Space 9. Noguchi would also have sent the USS Enterprise-D, had it not been recently destroyed. Noguchi had spoken to the Klingons about sending ships, although they refused and Noguchi referred to them as being "difficult". The admiral had also spoken to the Cardassians, who claimed they could not spare any ships.

Several days later, Sisko contacted Noguchi again to inform him that, although the majority of the Hivemasters had refused to negotiate, Hivemaster Tork had travelled to Bajor to study the situation. Giving the poor chances of one Hive member swaying the others, Noguchi gave Sisko orders to stop the Hive with any means necessary. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)

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