Nop Tenott was a male Xarantine Rigelian who lived in the 22nd century.


In 2164, Tenott was one of the four Directors on the Governing Board of the Rigelian Trade Commission representing the various alien colonies in the Rigel system. In that year, he was present at the board meeting with Admiral Jonathan Archer and Commissioner Soval regarding Rigel's admission into the Federation. Tenott was very sceptical about the idea.

In June of that year, after the First Families of Rigel conducted a raid on the archives of Rigel V, stole top secret files and abducted two Starfleet officers, Tenott participated in an emergency meeting of the board with Lieutenant commander Travis Mayweather on behalf of the USS Pioneer present. During the discussion of possible courses of action, Tenott advised Mayweather, that Pioneer should investigate the lead near Rigel VI, where Rigelian search vessels lost the trail of a possible escape ships. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Tower of Babel)

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