Terra nova episode

Jonathan Archer and a pair of Novans in 2151

The Novans were a group of Humans who lived on the planet Terra Nova, Earth's first colony outside the Sol system.

The colony was founded in 2078 after the Terran ship SS Conestoga travelled from Earth, a journey which took nine years. On arrival the ship was dismantled to build the colony. A successful colony was forged but relations between Earth and the Novans became strained and they eventually lost contact.

Disconnected from Earth disaster struck the colony when a meteorite hit, killing the adults and driving the colony’s young into living underground. In 2151, a ship from Earth was finally sent to investigate the fate of the colony and found the descendants of the colonists. At first relations were strained, the Novans believing the meteorite had been an attack by Earth. The crew of the Enterprise soon managed to gain the trust of the Novans and assisted in moving the population to another part of the planet, as the water supplies around the original colony had been dangerously contaminated by the meteor. (ENT episode: "Terra Nova")

In 2178 the Novans became Federation citizens, when Terra Nova joined the United Federation of Planets.

By the 24th century the Novan population numbered 347,000. (ST reference: Star Charts)