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For other uses, see Oaths.

Working to save a young girl in a coma, Bashir finds himself involved with a Maquis member who claims they have discovered the drug that could save the life of the girl on a Cardassian ship.


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Julian BashirBrythJadzia DaxOdoQuarkBenjamin Sisko


Deep Space 9Infirmarystation commander's office
Referenced only 
BajorTanlos Province

Races and culturesEdit

Referenced only 

States and OrganizationsEdit

Bajoran MilitiaMaquisStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

Bajoran religionborathiumGrand Naguslatinumleporazinemorathialneutrinoorbtransportertransporter buffer



  • Bashir mentions "the Orb the Grand Nagus sold the Bajorans", a probable reference to the Orb of Wisdom which places "Oaths" after the events of "Prophet Motive".

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