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Oblivion is a composite-structure orbital city and independent freeport located in an unnanmed Alpha Quadrant sector near Federation space. The name "Oblivion" is a human corruption of its name in the Ubarrak language: Obl'viaan. Oblivion orbits an unnamed lifeless planet.

Oblivion is infamous for its unique architecture: it is constructed primarily from hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ships and parts of ships and stations welded together. In some places (such as Six Corners Plaza) there is new construction to better join groups of hulls, giving the appearance of one large, cobbled together, flying junkyard. (A list of components seen in just one section of Oblivion can be found below.)

Sector-level SituationEdit

As of 2333 both the Cardassian Union and the Ubarrak Primacy had intentions of taking over the sector, and the Federation was attempting to maintain the balance of power so that neither one could do so. As an independent entity and heavily-traveled commercial center, Oblivion naturally became the site of a number of intrigues between the powers. Political developments after 2333 are not known (STA novel: Oblivion)

Local situation and structureEdit

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Components of Oblivion noted in just its second quadrantEdit

Notable EventsEdit

  • 2332: The Nexus passes just 3000 kilometers from the city. Ship traffic avoids contact with the phenomenon.