Ochoa was a human male of the 24th century and a member of the Federation Starfleet in the command division, attached to the Starfleet Corps of Engineers (SCE).


In the year 2368, he held the rank of captain and managed the SCE mining operation on Naia VII. Ochoa was ordered to meet specific quotas of raw materials vital to Starfleet operation, and to maintain those quotas despite the dangers, which led to reduced safety standards.

Therefore, Ochoa requested another Starfleet vessel visit the world to provide technical assistance. The USS Enterprise-D was sent, and shortly before stardate 45635, Ochoa and Lieutenant Amato met with Commander William Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data and Lieutenant Worf of the Enterprise. Ochoa introduced them to Seelos, a Dai-ai native to Naia VII, then showed the visitors around the mine works. When a burst pressure compartment flooded a mine, Worf rescued Ochoa and Amato.

Following the disaster, the Enterprise was able to request extra equipment and manpower for Ochoa's mining operation. (TNG - Assimilation² comic: "Issue 2")



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