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Odina-Keh was a city on the planet of Tezwa. Odina-Keh was the home city of former Tezwan Prime Minister Kinchawn, where he lived with his wife Sorokala and his two children Lokowon and Rodoko. (TNG novel: A Time to Kill)

Odina-Keh suffered several attacks from insurgency forces after Kinchawn went into exile. One rebel attack here killed two security officers and a medic; later, a trap was constructed and lured Starfleet officers to counterattack what ended up to be an abandoned warehouse masked with a sensor scrambler, killing over one hundred Starfleet Special Operations forces under the direction of team leader Jim Peart. (TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

the planet Tezwa
cities and settlements Keelee-KeeArbosa-LoOdina-KehAlkam-ZarAnara-ZelKuruk-TauSavola-CovMasheena-Kel
geography Solasook PeninsulaLinoka ForestMokana Basin

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