Odra maVolan was a male Payav who was spokesperson and leader of the mar-Atyya spiritual movement in the late 23rd century. When "The Pulse" his planet Mestiko in 2265, Odra was blinded by the intense ultraviolet exposure.

In January of 2274, he was a guest on the news program Mestiko This Week, where he protested the use of alien plants and animals in the Federation's efforts to restore Mestiko's damaged ecosphere. Shortly thereafter, when the government of Raya elMora was overthrown by anti-Federation forces, Odra became the de facto leader of Mestiko, as the head of the mar-Atyya Synod which dictated social policy and religious doctrines the secular government, headed by Asal Janto, were obliged to follow. During this period, Odra had had his vision restored medically, but continued to wear clouded contact lenses in order to retain his imposing appearance.

In 2282, when a popular uprising against the government seemed imminent, Odra was one of the few to oppose the holding of free elections. When a defeat for the mar-Atyya seemed inevitable, Odra declared the election in violation of holy law, and ordered the military to shut voting down, though Starfleet Captain Clark Terrell was able to prevent this from happening. When the final results showed a crushing defeat for the mar-Atyya, Odra committed suicide before he could be taken into custody by the new government. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: The Darkness Drops Again)

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