Olivia Akomo was a Human female who lived in the 22nd century.


In 2165, she was the chief cybernetic engineer of the Abramson Industries, and worked closely with chairman and founder Willem Paul Abramson.

In April of that year, Philip Collier of Section 31 requested Abramson's help with dealing with the Ware. Abramson provided Collier with credentials and an engineering team led by Akomo. Beside helping Starfleet, Abramson charged her with gathering information that could help them with Project Aedilis, their attempt to build androids.

Akomo and her team spent the following months on the USS Pioneer investigating the Ware and their origins. Their biggest challenge came, when the Starfleet forces captured the Ware hub complex and they were charged with disabling the Ware with the help of Collier and Commander Silash ch'Gesrit. While working, the team had lively debates about taking controle of the Ware, but eventually Akomo realised that despite all its usefulness, Ware technology still cost many sentient lives and she was ashamed that it even occurred to her. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)