An Omearan Starsearcher was a type of starship employed by the Omearan race in the 24th century. The Omearan Starsearcher was run by an artificial intelligence, joined with a humanoid pilot modified from early childhood to interface with the vessel. These pilots, called Conjoined, provided emotional stability that the ship computer lacked.

Omearan Starsearchers were originally intended for peaceful purposes, but were adapted to war following an offensive by a race called the Sarimun. Many Starsearchers were lost, and many younger pilots were pressed into service. Following the end of the war, which devastated their world, the few remaining Starsearchers were sent out to find a new planet suitable for the Omearans to colonize. Among these was Omearan Starsearcher 7445, called "Friend" by its pilot, Jaldark Keniria. (SCE eBook: Hard Crash)

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