One of Our Captains is Missing! was a comic book story published by Gold Key Comics in 1976. It was the debut of Alden McWilliams as artist on the series. In this story, Captain Zarlo assumed temporary command of the USS Enterprise in the year 2266 while James T. Kirk was given an undercover assignment.

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Kirk is stranded on a savage planet in “One of Our Captains is Missing!”


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AadoChristine ChapelPavel ChekovEerodJames T. KirkMwipiNdarpoMontgomery ScottSironeSpockHikaru SuluNyota UhuraZarlounnamed Starfleet personnelunnamed Klingons

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USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • Klingon D7 battlecruiserMobitan plane


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Starfleet CommandFederationMobita police

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cameraclubcommunicatorillusionpoliceriflesectorstungunswordSzonka knifeZeta-12zeta bomb

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captainchiefcommanderdoctorjudgelord high-executionermagistrateprime ministersoldiertribesman

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aspirinchickeninspectionMobitan creditmutinyNon-Interference DirectiveoathTnoory tobaccoTogoYula wine



previous comic:
#37: The Ghost Planet
Star Trek: The Original Series
(Gold Key)
next comic:
#39: Prophet of Peace



  • Spock said, “H.Q. works in mysterious ways, its wonders to perform,” which referred to the Christian hymn “God Moves in a Mysterious Way” written by William Cowper in 1773.
  • Pavel Chekov and Christine Chapel appeared in one panel without dialogue, as Kirk gave his final orders before departure.
  • Kirk, Spock, Scott and Zarlo were drawn wearing lieutenant stripes.
  • Although the planet’s name was spelled out as Mobita, Zarlo twice referred it as “Mobia,” and prime minister Aado incorrectly referred to his planet’s currency as Mobian credits.
  • McCoy referred to Zarlo as “Zorla” in the final panel of the story.
  • The art style was that of Alden McWilliams, making this his first appearance as artist on the series. However, there was disagreement as to who drew the next issue, TOS comic: "Prophet of Peace", which seemed to be more in the style of series artist Alberto Giolitti. If done by Giolitti, then that would have been Giolitti’s last of 33 issues, and then this story would be McWilliams’ first of 22 issues. McWilliams’ first printed credit appeared in issue 47, TOS comic: "This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit".

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