The Order of the Faithful, also called the unDiWahn, was a group of diWahn who safeguarded the knowledge that was brought to the world by the survivors of the destruction of the Iconian homeworld. The group also pledged that whenever the Devil's Heart resurfaced that they would ensure the stone was allowed to complete its mission in this galaxy.

During the 24th century, the unDiWahn commissioned a large fleet of space vessels that were built using Iconian technology. When the Devil's Heart resurfaced, the unDiWahn sent their fleet to the appointed place, where a wormhole to another galaxy that only appeared every five thousand years would appear. Arriving there, they discovered that Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise-D was holding the stone. Picard refused to return the stone to them, and they watched as Picard had the Devil's Heart beamed into the wormhole.

Seeing that the Devil's Heart was finally being allowed to fulfill its mission, the unDiWahn peacefully left the area. On the journey back to DiWahn, the Order decided that with their mandate to see the stone allowed to complete its mission fulfilled they would now turn their attention towards improving their own people. (TNG novel: The Devil's Heart)

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