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For other uses, see Council of Elders.
Organian Council of Elders

The Organian Council of Elders in 2267. ("Errand of Mercy")

The Organian Council of Elders was a council of elderly men on Organia and was composed of three representatives, one of those acted as the Chairman of the Council. In the 2260s, Ayelborne acted as the Chairman and Claymare and Trefayne were the other representatives.

In 2267, Captain James T. Kirk met with the Council of Elders to persuade them of the danger they were in from the Klingon Empire. Although the Council reassured him that they were in no danger, Kirk didn't have time to return to the USS Enterprise as a large Klingon invasion fleet led by Kor arrived.

Wishing to avoid any unneccessary bloodshed, the Council submitted to the Klingons rule, and while at first protecting Kirk's identity, they later revealed his presence to avoid terrorist activities performed by Kirk and Spock. When the two powers became uncontrollable, the Council revealed their true nature as non-corporeal lifeforms and enacted the Organian Peace Treaty, which forbade the two powers from fighting. (TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy")

In 2269, Captain Kirk once again appealed to the Council when the Klingons launched an unprovoked attack against the Federation. The Council couldn't immediately act because the Klingons had erected a "thought-shield" around Organia. Thankfully, the shield was disabled by the Enterprise and the Council subsequently stopped the war and forbade the Klingons the use of warp drive for the next 1,000 years. (TOS novel: Spock Must Die!)

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