Ayelborne High Council

Ayelborne appears before the Klingon High Council to force peace

The Organian Peace Treaty was a peace treaty forced upon the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire by the Organians in 2267 (reference stardate 2/0801.24), shortly after an outbreak of war between the two interstellar powers that had resulted in the Klingon occupation of Organia. The treaty was agreed to under the threat of the Organians immobilizing both side's space forces if they did not cooperate—a power the Organians had already exhibited by disabling forces from both sides above, and on, Organia. (TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy", ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual)

The Organians ignored and excluded the Orions in their considerations. Instead, the Orion Neutrality Area remained intact, overlapping the Neutral Zone and bordering both powers. The Orions were the only power to benefit from the Organian Peace Treaty, gaining the Neutral Zone to explore and operate in relatively freely. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Common Knowledge)

The furred Rigellians engaged in a heated and pointless debate with the Organians over the treaty, concerning some matter in their ancient records. (FASA RPG - The Orions module: Book of Deep Knowledge)

In addition to an end to direct hostile acts, the terms of the treaty included shared occupation rights. The Klingon High Council felt compelled to agree to the treaty under the Organians' coercion, but were not pleased with the state of affairs and immediately began to formulate tactics to circumvent it. These included espionage and the manipulation of the Romulan Star Empire into an alliance, in which they hoped to use to the Romulans to wage war against the Federation. (TOS episode: "The Trouble With Tribbles", TOS comics: "Against Their Nature", "The Hollow Crown, Issue 2", TOS episode: "The Enterprise Incident")

Makrecha IV was one of the disputed worlds under the Treaty of Organia. A Klingon settlement existed there by 2285 and a Federation colony was established in that year. (DS9 short story: "Trek")

When the Klingons began staging attacks inside a wormhole near the Neutral Zone in 2285, Admiral James T. Kirk wondered how the Organians could allow it under the terms of the treaty. (TOS comic: "The Wormhole Connection")

Kirk investigated further, and discovered that the Organians were unable to enforce the treaty due to manipulation from the race known as the Excalbians. Once freed from Excalbian control, the Organians engaged the Excalbians in a battle that resulted in the two races leaving the material plane, and the dissolution of the treaty. (TOS comics: "Errand of War", "Deadly Allies")

After a period of continuing tensions between the Klingons and the Federation, a new peace was established under the terms of the Khitomer Accords in 2293. This eventually lead to the two powers becoming staunch allies, much as the Organians had predicted when they forced peace years before. (TOS movie: The Undiscovered Country; TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy")

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