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While Nog and Yoshi search for Omega Squad, their friends must contend with raptor rats and other prisoners. They learn how Selke became T'Priell and of the Tal Shiar's plans for her. Managing to escape, Omega Squad discovers that Selke has been experimenting on Edam.



Pava Ek'Noor AqabaaEdam AstrunMatthew DeckerHalakithYoshi MishimaM'ReevM'RutheNogN'VatSartethTerekThokolT'Priell/SelkeKyethn Zund
Referenced only 


Alpha QuadrantRomulan Neutral Zone
Referenced only 
Firefalls of Gal'Gathong

Starships and vehiclesEdit

Ferengi shuttleRomulan scoutship

Races and culturesEdit

AndorianBetazoidFerengiHalakith's speciesHumanRomulanTrillVulcan

States and organizationsEdit

Nebula SquadOmega SquadRomulan Star EmpireStarfleetStarfleet AcademyTal ShiarUnification movementUnited Federation of Planets

Other referencesEdit

cadetcloaking devicegenetic engineeringhew-monjexkatraraptor ratSauriansubcommandertachyon fieldtelepathyVulcanoidwarp coilwarp speed


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