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For other uses, see Daniels.

Pádraig Bréanainn Daniels (also known as Thomas McClure) was a human male Starfleet officer of Irish descent who served as tactical officer and chief of security aboard the USS Enterprise-E under Captain Jean-Luc Picard from 2372 to 2376.

In 2372, while a demolitions expert based on Earth, Lieutenant Daniels was part of a team checking Federation installations for possible Dominion explosives following the bombing of the Antwerp Conference. He and his team were transported by the Enterprise from Deep Space 9 to Starbase 375, where Daniels helped uncover a conspiracy led by Captain Ishmael Snowden, in support of the attempted coup by Admiral James Leyton. As the Enterprise had an opening for a security chief, after Linda Addison's replacement by a Changeling infiltrator, Captain Picard offered Daniels the position. (TNG eBook: The Oppressor's Wrong)

In 2373 Daniels was part of the defense against invading Borg on the USS Enterprise-E after the Battle of Sector 001. (TNG movie & novelization: First Contact)

In 2374, Daniels and his wife, Siobhan Bryn, had a child, and Daniels took a six-month paternity leave from the Enterprise. In his absence, his duties were covered by several officers, including Rowan, Rhea McAdams, and Baeta Leyoro. (TNG eBook: The Oppressor's Wrong; TNG novels: A Time for War, A Time for Peace, The Q Continuum, Immortal Coil)

In 2375 Daniels was on the Enterprise-E during the mission to the Briar Patch and during the battle against the Son'a. (ST movie: Insurrection)

After the end of the Dominion War in late 2375, Daniels resigned his commission to rejoin his family on the Canopus Planet. He was replaced as security chief by Lieutenant Christine Vale. Daniels warned Vale that the "D-guys" - those crewmembers who had served together on the Enterprise-D - formed a kind of clique which was difficult to break into. (TNG novel: A Time for War, A Time for Peace)

The character went unnamed in his first appearance in Star Trek: First Contact and was given the name Thomas McClure in the First Contact expansion of Star Trek CCG. He was given the surname Daniels in Star Trek: Insurrection and the first name Padraig in The Oppressor's Wrong.


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