The Panspermic Church of First Contact was a religious movement in the late 20th century founded by Brother Arcturus, a genetically engineered superman created by the Chrysalis Project.

After the destruction of Doctor Sarina Kaur's facility, the products of her program were let loose on the world. Amongst these was a male engineered Human who simply called himself Brother Arcturus who grew to adulthood and spawned a religious group with his teachings being the prime focus of the movement. Calling itself the Panspermic Church of First Contact, this group believed themselves to be made up of enligthened souls who held the view that the Human species was created as part of an eons old experiment conducted by alien beings of a higher intellince that resided in the Orion system. According to the claims of the Church's prophet and founder, these beings long ago seeded Earth with their own cosmic DNA. In 1993, Brother Arcturus attended a meeting with the other products of the Chrysalis program but decided to return to his followers in order to prepare for their new life among the stars when the starfathers returned for the faithful. (TOS novel: The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume 2)

The fate of the Church is unknown following the capture of Brother Arcturus and his death. Its possible it survived its founders demise or simply collapsed after his capture though this is speculation.

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