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Leonard McCoy and Joanna McCoy are visiting each other at Starbase 11. Joanna is established to have been engaged to a man called Paul at medical school, but it didn't work out, and she dropped out. After Leonard and Jocelyn McCoy divorced, the two women went to Alpha Centauri.

Jahn, the prominent Only of Miri's homeworld, steals a shuttle from the Federation teams on Miri's homeworld and abducts Joanna. Jahn reveals that Leonard's cure in 2266 for the Onlines wasn't as effective as he thought. Now, the Onlies are sick again, and dying. Jahn reiterates that Miri is dead. After being rescued, Joanna returns to medical school.

Log entries Edit

  • Personal log: Doctor Leoanrd H. McCoy recording. Stardate 7683.1 
    The Enterprise is orbiting Starbase Eleven, where the crew will be taking a long-awaited, much-deserved and much-needed shore leave...
    ... And where I will be reunited with my daughter, Joanna, whom I haven't seen sicne before I returned to Starfleet over three years ago, during the V'Ger crisis.
    I'm very pleased that she was able to get from Earth and come here for a few days, and I'm looking forward to catching up on lost time with her.



JahnJoanna McCoyLeonard McCoyPaul
Referenced only 
Jocelyn McCoyMiri

Starships and vehiclesEdit

USS Enterprise (Enterprise-subclass refit Constitution-class heavy cruiser)


Stations and outpostsEdit

Starbase 11

Planets and planetoidsEdit

Miri's homeworldYko

Stars and systemsEdit

Alpha Centauri

Stellar locationsEdit

the galaxy

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Technology and weaponsEdit

Atalskes phaser IVphaserphaser pistoltype-2 phasershuttlecraft

Ranks and titlesEdit

commanderchief medical officerdoctorFederation Starfleet ranksFederation Starfleet ranks (2270s)

Other referencesEdit

energygovernmenthumanoidinsignialifeformmatternation-stateplanetraces and culturesrankrank insigniaspacestarstar systemstardateStarfleet uniformStarfleet uniform (early 2270s)technologytitleuniformuniverseweapon


Enterprise visits Miri's homeworld. (TOS episode & Star Trek 1 novelization: Miri)
Stopover at Starbase 11.


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