Pathfinders was the Federation designation for the twelve synthetic consciousnesses discovered by 2269.

They were fond of playing games which keep their sanity, and their accomplishments included calculating the value of pi, determining the Universe to be a living organism, unraveling the true theory of warp travel, and discovering the Tkon Empire. The World's Court determined that to own a synthetic consciousness was slavery in 2161. The Federation signed elaborate contracts with them to hire them for work. Their contracts forbid linking to any outside sources except the interface team. The Pathfinders were then installed in the University of New Beijing. New contracts were signed in 2269 and the Pathfinders were moved to Memory Prime.

Pathfinder TermsEdit

  • Transition: The Pathfinder world.
  • Datawell

Known PathfindersEdit

  • 01 - In Transition
  • 02 - Helped with problem at Memory Prime.
  • 03 - Unknown
  • 04 - Unknown
  • 05 - Unknown
  • 06 -
  • 07 - Junior Member
  • 08 - Ship Mind Runs Datawell
  • 09 - Junior Member
  • 10 - Unknown
  • 11 - Unknown
  • 12 - Memory Gamma

(ST novel: Memory Prime)

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