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Paul O'Connor was a 23rd century Human man, born around the late 22nd or early 23rd century. O'Connor was an entrepreneur industrialist, and the only surviving heir of import-export dealer Maximus O'Connor, his brother who died in the 2250s decade.


Paul O'Connor was born the son of a wealthy shipping magnate, and followed into the family business profiting from the expansive opportunities for commerce in and around Federation space.

Laura's world

Surface of Laura's world.

When his brother's wife, Laura Deneuve Gamartine of Alpha Centauri, unexpectedly died of Vegan choriomeningitis, Maximus was heartbroken. He made Laura's World in the Laurison 294 system a monument to her and himself died, three years after his wife.

Paul capitalized on the story after inheriting Laura's World, turning it into a memorial for lovers, and a thriving tourist destination in Federation space. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)