The Pegasus class was a type of transport used by the Romulan Star Empire.

This form of colonial shuttle craft was the plebeian equivalent of the military trooper transporter and carried up to 8 colonists as well as low ranking officers over a free flight distance of 10 kilometers. They were normally reserved for intra-colony transport and ferried passengers between one colonial facility and another as well as more remote facilities. Unlike most Romulan craft, the Pegasus class shuttles were made for durability and reliability rather then high performance. This was because the shuttles were considered common by the Romulan elite and thus a ship suitable for the masses.

As it did not have a powerful sponsor, no vehicle designer embarked on a project to replace it. on Romulus, these vehicles served as the backbone of the mass transit system but on the colonies themselves where they served as a useful as well as safe method of transport between shielded areas and the more hostile regions on the planet. Some believed that the shuttle was proof that if the Romulans ever refined their current equipment and stopped chasing new technology then their systems would be the envy of the civilized galaxy. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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