The Pell Toga was a Breen lander starship in Breen Militia service in the late 24th century. In the 2380s, the Pell Togah saw action against Federation Starfleet when the Breen Confederacy tried to improve its standing within the Typhon Pact. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)


In November 2385, the Pell Togah was one of three landers attempting to seize Garadius IV, a world suffering from near-constant warfare between the Ekorr and Baladonian colonists. The Federation Luna-class starship USS Titan prevented the Breen from annihilating both species. The Titan outmaneuvered the Breen ships in orbital combat. The landers' escort, the Gor Taboka, broke apart after being hit by a barrage of photon torpedos. Two more landers were destroyed by the Titan before the Pell Togah positioned itself above Sanctum Isle, pointing its aft-torpedo launcher at the city.

Admiral William T. Riker of the Titan foiled Thot Roje's plans, who transported to the Pell Togah. Riker allowed the lander to escape to spread false intelligence about phasing. (TTN eBook: Absent Enemies)