The personal log of Spock contained log entries kept while he served aboard the USS Enterprise and the Enterprise-A.



  • Personal Log, Commander Spock, USS Enterprise. 
    I have noted the passage of the Enterprise on its way to whatever awaits it. If this record should survive me I wish it known that I bequeath my highest commendation and testimonial to the captain, officers, and crew of the Enterprise, the finest starship in the fleet. (TOS episode: "The Immunity Syndrome")


  • Personal Log, Stardate 5373.5, subjective time. 
    I have returned to the past in an attempt to restore the future. I am home, and I have almost forgotten its beauty.
  • Personal Log, Stardate 5373.9, subjective time. 
    The timeline seems to have changed again, yet I do not believe I have done anything to disrupt it. My memory is quite clear regarding the date my cousin saved my life and it is tomorrow. The kahs-wan ordeal is an ancient rite of warrior days. When Vulcans turned to logic, they reasoned they must maintain the tests of courage and strength to keep pure logic from making them weak and helpless.
  • Personal Log. 
    The boy, Spock, should be moving towards the L-langon Mountains, he – I, had much to prove to myself. The personal ordeal upon which I embarked was meant to determine the course my life would take. (TAS episode: "Yesteryear")


  • Spock's personal log, stardate 8925.2 
    Not even the soothing tones of my harp can bring me solace today. There is too much on my mind—too many questions cry for answers… Though I was excluded from the court-martial, I chose to stand beside my friends—and share their eventual fate. As an honorable man, I could do no less—since all their actions were on my behalf. Thus, I have been reassigned as science officer aboard the Enterprise, a position I know better than any other—and yet, I wonder if I have made the right choice. On Vulcan, they repaired my mind—but am I fully restored? And, if not, do I truly belong here? (TOS comic: "Choices!")


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