Peter Erikson was a male Human who was a professor and a starship weapons consultant for the Federation Starfleet and the Romulan Star Empire in the latter half of the 23rd century.


When Erikson was working for Starfleet, he worked along side fellow scientists T'Cine and Dr. Mark Palevski. During the course of his work, he and T'Cine became lovers. However, he refused to complete his major breakthrough in starship weapons technology when he saw how Starfleet co-opted his work into looking for a bigger and better power source for weapons. So to restore the balance of power, Erikson defected and was planing to give his work to the Praetor himself.

Following the death of T'Cine and Dr. Palevski in 2290, Erikson was then rescued by undercover Starfleet officer, Lieutenant Saavik. However, Erikson and Saavik then came under attack by a Romulan warbird. Erikson then helped Saavik disable the Warbird. However, Saavik learned that Erikson posed the stunt and wanted her to defect to the Romulans. After Saavik refused to defect, Erikson tried to transport himself off the ship. However, Erikson was the killed by a neural surger. (TOS comic: "Renegade")