The Petition for Territorial Trespass was a lengthy document utilized by the K'Vin Hegemony, and was to be completed by outside individuals who wished to petition for entry into K'Vin territory. The document contains many questions and asked the inclusion of much data, including medical files. Should the petitioner add a false answer or omission could lead to the petition being refused.

In early 2366, Commander William T. Riker had to file a petition on behalf of fellow USS Enterprise-D officers, Data, Geordi La Forge and Worf who were invited to participate in an archaeological expedition on the planet Kirlos, within K'Vin territory. K'Vin administrative assistant Gezor contacted Riker aboard the Enterprise and informed him that the petition could be at risk after medical files for Data hadn't bee included. Riker tried to explain that Data was an android and didn't have a medical file, but Gezor refused to process the petition. Eventually, Riker managed to negotiate an amendment to the petition which would see Data included as a part of the team's equipment. (TNG novel: Doomsday World)

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