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The Pheben system was a G class star with an associated star system located in the space of the Klingon Empire in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. This system had six planets in orbit. (ST reference: Star Charts; ST video game: Star Trek Online)


The Pheben system was the destination of the IKS Pagh shortly after taking aboard exchange officer William T. Riker. While passing through the Pagh picked up a strain of subatomic bacteria. Level Six decontamination protocols have been in force ever since. (TNG episode: "A Matter of Honor"; STO mission: "Pheben System Patrol")

Three of the planets in the system were good sources of cormaline and pergium. As a result, a number of independent mining concerns could be found working unrestricted claims. (STO mission: "Pheben System Patrol")

Planets and associated bodiesEdit



Tau Dewa sector block
Azure sector Acamar (Theta Eridani) (Acamar Prime, Acamar III) • Azure NebulaCarraya (Carraya IV) • Japori (Japori II) • Jouret (Jouret IV, Dyson sphere gateway) • Khitomer (Khitomer) • Suliban (Suliban Helix) • Virinat (Virinat)
Narendra sector Archer (Archer IV) • Galorndon Core (Galorndon Core) • Gamma Eridon (Gamma Eridon II) • Gasko (Gasko II, Gasko Station) • Narendra (Narendra III) • Nequencia (Nequencia colony) • Pheben (Pheben III, Pheben V)
Nimbus sector Beta Lankal (Beta Lankal (planet), Beta Lankal (planetoid)) • Beta Thoridor (Beta Thoridor) • Chaltok (Chaltok IV) • Crateris (Crateris colony) • Dewa (Dewa III ~ New Romulus ~ DiWahn) • Nimbus (Nimbus III) • Starbase 234

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