Phi Puma was a nova star. On reference stardate 1/27, Phi Puma went supernova. By the year 2165, a concussion ring reached Bayard's Planet with a diameter of least ninety light years. (ST reference: Spaceflight Chronology)

By 2364, the USS Enterprise-D computer stored records of the location of Phi Puma and star chart depicting the concusssion ring expansion. During Data's computer record search aboard the USS Enterprise-D, in that year, this chart was viewed. Outpost 63 scanned this information from the Enterprise computer. (TNG episodes: "The Naked Now", "The Last Outpost")

The stellar notation using the Greek language letter "phi" indicates that there might be a star group or constellation of some sort named "Puma", of which Phi Puma would logically be indicated to be the 21st most prominent star or system.



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