Phil Burroughs was a male human Starfleet captain in the 2280s. His identity, along with his ship, the USS Zephyr, were taken by Garth of Izar. Burroughs and his crew were then killed.


Burroughs and his crew aboard the USS Zephyr journeyed to the Federation colony of Omicron Ceti IV on a routine mission in 2286. There, Burroughs and his crew encountered the criminally-insane ambassador, Garth of Izar. Burroughs and his crew were killed, and the captain's body was then frozen, his identity and ship taken by Garth, and his body left behind planetside in a freezer. Burroughs' body was discovered two weeks later by Ensign Bloemker and a landing party from the USS Enterprise-A. (TOS - Who Killed Captain Kirk? comics: "Marriage of Inconvenience", "Finnegan's Wake!")

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