Phillip Hodges was a 23rd century Human man who served in Starfleet, a promising commanding officer who was a protégé of Starfleet Academy instructor James T. Kirk.


By the 2280s, Hodges had been was assigned to the Federation starship USS Valor, assigned as captain. When Rear Admiral Kirk gave him command of the Valor, he commented to Hodges that he envied all that Hodges had ahead. In 2285, Hodges saw his vessel become a combatant when when the Excalbians instigated the Federation-Klingon War of 2285, and was paired off in combat against a K't'inga-class battlecruiser of the Klingon Empire. Both vessels were consumed by damage, and Hodges was the only survivor of his crew.

He was then taken in by the people of Beta Epsilon VI. In return for their care, Hodges improved their medical and sanitary conditions, saving thousands of children's lives. Along with that, he gave them phasers to repel the planet's predators. This made him look like a god to the people of Beta Epsilon VI. In one of the encounters with the predators, he saved Lorac's daughter, Lylla. Hodges then took Lylla as his wife. (TOS comic: "Mortal Gods")

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