Pluuh II was a class M Federation colony world located in the Pluuh star system of the Federation's sphere of influence in The Triangle, at the edge of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


The colony was ran by Governor Guumfar Lurb. It was opened to development by charter companies of the Federation. The charter of the surface would be allowed after an approved application was sanctioned by the governor.

This was the reason why most of the facilities on the surface were research and development stations.

The Federation kept a stationed defense force in the Prepluuh, the capital city.(FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


Pluuh II was a swap world discovered by a Tellarite exploration team. Its climate was hot, damp and unfavorable towards the development of life forms. Neither trees, wildlife nor insects flourished on the surface.

The highest life form was a single fern. The main food source on the planet was a family of fungi which was found in many forms such as Air Truffles, Grey Paste and Puff Dust. The Air truffles were very similar to Earth's truffles.

A regular day would last 29 hours and the total surface area of the planet was 510,000,000 square miles. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


Triangle sector
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