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Port Shangri-La was a city on the planet Cestus III. This city was named for Shangri-La, a location of Earth mythology. The Port Shangri-La baseball team is the Seagulls. (TNG novel: Q & A)

Miranda Kadohata spoke with a Shangri-La accent, which was very similar to a British accent. (Star Trek: Destiny novel: Gods of Night)

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the planet Cestus III
cities and settlements Pike CityPort Shangri-laNew ChicagoNew JerichoNew FargoLakesideJohnson CityPalomboPrairieviewTwo RiversRupertvilleWagnerstonBowerston Ufp-emblem
landmarks and institutions Shackleford ObservatoryMoran MiningInstitute for Human-Gorn Relations
geography Coronado MountainsSsoref Mountains
bodies of water Pike's Lake

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