The Potentate of Orion was an important position in Orion civilization.

When Starfleet Captain Christopher Pike was held captive by the Talosians in 2254, they created an illusion of the Potentate of Orion's courtyard, in which he had become an Orion trader and Vina was an Orion slave girl. Previously, as a Starfleet Captain, he had paid occasional visits to an Orion colony world to keep an eye on things, where the natives apparently liked being taken advantage of. He later reported on "the Orion traders taking shocking advantage of the natives," (TOS novelization: The Cage) though he later expressed an idea to become an Orion trader himself. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

As all the illusions shown to Pike were drawn from his memories and the conversation with Doctor Phillip Boyce earlier in the episode, this is presumably based on a real place and incident, likely the unnamed "Orion colony".
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