In the mirror universe, Prenan was a Romulan advisor to Praetor Hiren. Prenan was also an inspector to the world Danter. He gathered information that the Danteri, although officially allies of the Romulans, were in fact plotting against Hiren and developing meta-weapons.

In 2372, Prenan was plotting to kill Rojan. Labec knew of his intentions, which Soleta discovered through a mind meld. Soleta then planted in Labec's mind concerns that Prenan might wish him dead as well, which motivated Labec to arrange for Prenan's death preemptively. Prenan caught wind of Labec's plot, however, and arranged for Labec's death by sabotaging Labec's mines on Remus. Prenan's attempt was unsuccessful, almost leading to the death of Soleta, who was visiting the mines; Soleta was saved by M'k'n'zy, a slave in the mines.

Prenan was assassinated in 2372. As he clearly had several political enemies, it is uncertain who killed him, but Hiren suspected Danteri agents were involved. (NF - Mirror Universe novel: Cutting Ties)

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