Prescott was the chief scientist of the Tauteean Kanst Energy Center, a project designed to harness energy for the entire Tauteean system from fusion reactors in the outer planets and deliver it via microwave transmission to the inner planets of the system. Unfortunately, the microwave transmission method was highly unstable and resulted in the destruction of all fifteen worlds in the Tauteean system. Prescott was initially wracked with guilt, convinced that her fusion method was responsible. When the USS Enterprise entered the Tauteean system in 2268, she was one of the first survivors rescued. Eventually, Prescott was informed by the crew of the Enterprise that the transmission method was, in fact, most likely responsible for the destruction of the Tauteean system, but along with the creation of a subspace rift within the system. Prescott remained aboard the USS Enterprise as its crew worked with the USS Farragut and a pair of Klingon starships to seal the subspace rift. At the last moment, Prescott managed to convince Captain James Kirk to make a desperate rescue attempt for another thousand Tauteean survivors.

Like all Tauteeans, Prescott resembled a diminutive human being, with a slightly more delicate build. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee)

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