The Preserve was a section of the planet Morassia created by the Morassians as three distinct biotopes (completely different ecologies) by 2365. Admiral Reddreck described it as "the latest wonder of the galaxy". Constable Lliksze was the overseer of the Preserve and reported directly to the planetary government.

The Watchers were charged with the care and protection of the animals in the Preserve.

Biotopes Edit

The visitor sections each contained a kiosk which, when powered with a microgenerator working on thermal energy, provided a topographical map as well as general information on the respective biotopes.

Bogforest biotope: The main habitats were located inside the four tunnels of a petrified tree. In total the series of tunnels were home to 437 plant and animal species.

Canyon biotope: The main habitats were the caverns, the pit and the crater. The crater and caverns were home to 229 plant, insect and small reptile and 568 plant and animals species respectively.

Marine biotope: The main habitats were located within the jellycorals and the water. The population living in the jellycorals was in constant flux.

List of Preserve Personnel Edit

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