Preston Strong, Ph.D., was a male Human archaeologist in the 24th century. As early as the 2350s, he worked with Dr. Jennifer Almieri, and in the 2360s, was part of her dig on the planet Drura Sextus. At some point in their acquaintance, Strong and Almieri also became romantic partners.

At some point prior to 2377, the Drura Sextus team encountered a small group of genetically engineered shapeshifters. This discovery was kept secret and the Drura Sextus site abandoned.

In 2377, Strong returned to Earth, along with Almieri and a shapeshifter who had assumed the identity of a third team member, Dr. Livilla Darly. During this visit, the shapeshifter killed Strong in Almieri's apartment, and also assumed his identity. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

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