Priam IV was the fourth planet in the Priam star system in the Alpha or the Beta Quadrant.

It was inhabited by the Priamites, an un-contacted people with a very primitive level of civilization. Thus it was a Prime Directive–prohibited world, though some Federation researchers dwelled in disguise among the population for several years in the 2350s.

It had a jungle area by a river that sometimes rose to flood level. The Priamites dwelled in villages of huts by its muddy banks. Some distance away was a desert area with high levels of natural radiation where ships were permitted to land. The radiation was harmful to the sensitive Priamites, but not to Humans for several days of exposure.

The Priam IV test, a Starfleet Academy holodeck training simulation of the 2350s, was set on Priam IV. (TNG novel: Survivors)

As this planet has so far only appeared in a holodeck simulation, it might not necessarily be a "real" planet.

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