The Priatians were a divided people from the planet Priatia. One group, the True Bloods, claimed to be direct descendants of the Wanderers (which was somewhat true, as they were bioformed by them), and considered the other groups to be lesser off-shoots of the True Bloods. They were the oldest known race in Sector 221-G. A mixture of war and disease killed most of their people.

The True Bloods were unimpressive. Squid-like, with fleshy, elongated heads, silvery black eyes, a very narrow jawline, and two tentacles where their waists should be. When in movement they made popping and sucking noises. They were nearly boneless, and were capable of surviving when thrown into a wall. They spoke with slurping and clicking noises. They claim all of Thallonian space as their own. (NF novel: After the Fall)

They helped the Wanderers (who were actually the Teuthis) bring about distrust and even civil war in the New Thallonian Protectorate. When the Teuthis were defeated, most of the Priatians, at least those in the capital city of Cheng, committed suicide from the loss of hope for their future. (NF novel: Missing in Action)

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Known individualsEdit

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