Prison Complex 187

Prison Complex 187.

Prison Complex 187 was a prison detention facility operated by the Bajoran Provisional Government in the year 2368, located on a harsh planet blown by dusty winds under ruddy-colored clouds.

Prior to the withdrawal of the Cardassian Union's Occupation of Bajor, the Bajorans operated this facility by means of their government-in-exile, with Bajoran Militia troops using the complex's "Omega Wing" to detain Cardassians who were judged to be war criminals and due for execution. Due to the intense hatred of the Cardassian war machine that the Bajoran Resistance was fighting on Bajor itself, the prison was kept under harsh lockdown, with all Cardassians forced to wear a symbol showing their status, a Cardassian Galor logo bisected by a jagged bolt.

In 2368, a group of prisoners organized an escape attempt, which was violently put down by the Bajoran firing squads. Most of the escapees were shot in the attempt, including Tomorok, who died in the arms of his brother, Gul Shyak. Shyak was one of only a few to actually escape, and vowed to avenge himself upon the Bajoran Militia, including the Bajoran who had captured him and wished his punishment to be execution—Major Kira Nerys. (DS9 comic: "Turn of the Tide")

The comic did not specifically explain how or where the Bajorans maintained such an organized military force or facility in the era of their world's occupation.

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