The Procurer's Guild was an Orion organization active in the mirror universe.

One of its main functions was to train and deal in Orion slave girls of the animalistic sub-caste of the Orion race. An extensive and secretive training regimen was required to teach the animal woman the arts of love and to teach restraint, so as not to injure or even kill her client. The Procurers jealously guarded their secret techniques to prevent competition.

However, the Guild sometimes genetically altered normal Orion women to mimic their more animalistic kin. Though they looked genuine, and even possessed the narcotic pheromones, not all could simulate their behaviour in the bedroom. Though the Guild denied the existence of such counterfeits, they quietly issued refunds after sufficient pressure.

The Procurer's Guild denied any links with the Orion Cabal, but the two groups often did business together. The Guild could also be used as a go-between to hire one of the Cabal's Assassins of Q.

Unlike the Cabal, the Guild was protected from the Terran Empire's investigations by its own senators, who used Orion slave girls as status symbols, and were under the influence of their pheromones. They could also access Assassins with which to dispatch their rivals, and their only complaint against the Guild was on the matter of counterfeit slave girls. Though this behaviour only enriched the Empire's enemies, Imperial Starfleet officers who got too close to the Guild's secrets were demoted or enslaved to maintain the Guild’s position. (Decipher RPG module: Through a Glass, Darkly)

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