Talismans were ancient technological artifacts created by the long vanished Progenitors civilization. They served as keys designed to interface with their technology and activate various devices. One such Talisman was used to operate their transporter portals whilst another allowed users to travel to the metaphasic conductors. Numerous talismans were left behind on Progenitor worlds such as Ba'ku.

By 2376, the United Federation of Planets established a dig site on the Ba'ku home planet after the discovery of the Undercity. During this time, Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard uncovered one of the talismans when he and his forces came under attack from Son'a rebels. Ensign Sovok later used these talismans to travel into the Undercity and access the long forgotten Progenitor technology within it. (TNG video game: Hidden Evil)

The aliens were not named within the game but were indicated to be the same species both, visually and in dialogue, as the ancient humanoids that seeded life across the galaxy. Furthermore, the game refers to these artifacts as Alien Talismans.

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