Project Renarg was a scientific project that was commissioned by the Klingon Empire that was based on the Battle of Fom Kerdeth‎ and was secretly funded by the Klingon High Council.

The goal of the project was to find a means of bypassing enemy starship shields in order to beam an explosive that would immediately detonate once inside the ship's engineering deck. The explosive would be transported next to the antimatter containment field in order to prevent the enemy from beaming the weapon off. However, the Klingons own shields prevented this maneuver from being successful until the researchers discovered that if a pilot of a ship did not raise their ships shield up to the target and then activate it to a set frequency whose wave crests were an exact mirror image of the enemy target's shields then the resulting energy would cancel out the enemy ship's shield. It would only take a few seconds for the enemy ship remodulate its shields but that was all the time it took for the detonator to be transported on the target ship. It was believed that with this new weapon, the Klingons had a new means of destroying any enemy ship. (DS9 novel: Vengeance)

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