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A projectile weapon is a type of weapon from which a physical object, often a bullet, is shot at a target, propelled by chemical reaction or other means. Projectile weapons are generally considered primitive in comparison to other energy-based weaponry, though can be highly effective, particularly in situations where modern medical aid is not immediately available.

Such weapons were often also referred to as "slugthrowers". (FASA RPG module: The Orions: Book of Common Knowledge)

Projectile weapons were commonly used on Earth through the 21st century, as well as other planets, such as Sigma Iotia II (TOS episode: "A Piece of the Action")

Human and Tarn forces were using various projectile weapons while fighting on Torgu-Va in 2367. The Human rifles were based off of computer records of the M1 Garand. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)

The TR-116 and TR-120 were projectile weapons created by Starfleet in the 24th century, for use in situations when energy dampening fields prevented the use of phasers or other energy weapons. (DS9 episode: "Field of Fire", TNG novel: A Time to Heal)

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