A prototype is a name that is applied to the first model of anything that is built. This prototype is built as a test-bed for the design, so that any problems can be worked out, so that other models can be produced.

In Starfleet, prototype starships are designated with an NX prefix. Should the prototype prove a success, the class of ships is usually named after the prototype. In some cases the prototype vessel's prefix was changed from NX to NCC after the vessel was placed in regular service. (TOS movies: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country )

Prototype starshipsEdit

United EarthEdit

The United Earth Starfleet fielded the following prototype vessel;

Federation Starfleet prototypesEdit

The Federation Starfleet fielded the following prototype vessels;

Romulan Star EmpireEdit

The Romulan Star Empire produced the following prototype vessel;

Klingon EmpireEdit

The Klingon Empire's Defense Force produced the following prototype vessel;


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