On Betazed in the mid-20th century, a small secret society was formed. The members of which strove to develop their telepathic skills in various ways. The abilities they managed to bring forth ranged from the amplification and projection of intense emotions into the mind of another, to telekinesis.

When some members of the society discovered how to kill telepathically, the society was discovered by the authorities. The government arrested and imprisoned the entire movement, and destroyed the instructions of how to use the psionic abilities. The records of the cult's activities, and it's very existence, were then sealed, with only Betazoids with the highest security clearances knowing such a society had existed.

Four hundred years later, psychopathic government researcher, Hent Tevren, discovered the classified data and taught himself the same skills that the psionic cult had developed. He was imprisoned at Jarkana after he'd killed his parents, amongst other people. (TNG novel: The Battle of Betazed)

The cult's name was never mentioned, only that it was a small secret society dedicated to developing their telepathic skills in creative ways.

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